New School Year, New Me! (?)

Hi all,

So I know school is just starting for a bunch of you. For some, this is a really exciting time! You get to reinvent yourselves and maybe you’re at a different school now. For others, this can also be a really scary time! You gained weight over summer, you made plans to drop 20 pounds and it didn’t happen, or maybe you’re afraid of your starting and ending your senior year without seeing any progress.

September is the same as any other month! Don’t let the start of school be any scarier than it needs to be!

Like I’ve mentioned before, what I’m really interested in hearing are the “WHY”S behind wanting to lose weight.

Do you want to lose weight so you can make a sport team?
Great! Let’s start working on some of those specific skills and creating a workout routine that YOU can REALISTICALLY keep up. After all, you can’t expect to lose weight without working out, then join a sport team….and not workout. It’s kind of built in.

Do you want to lose weight for health reasons like it’s getting hard to move around or catch your breath?
Great! These are awesome DAILY reminders to keep you motivated to stick to a plan. It makes your weight loss RELEVANT to you because it’s an issue you have to deal with every single day.

Do you want to lose weight because you don’t like your body, you’re tired of being the bigger person, and you really really want to be skinny?
Ok, I have some other things I’d like to discuss first. Mental health is just as important as physical and nutritional health. When I hear that these are the reasons someone wants to lose weight, I automatically think you don’t love yourself. Now I know that everyone’s situation and story is different (that’s why I ask to hear more) but I really want to emphasize becoming healthy for YOURSELF. Like I mentioned in “I’m a Former Fat Kid, do you really think that losing XX pounds will really make you happier? Will you be more like the “real you” you want to be? Or are there other things you need to figure out as well? Like I mentioned in “That Scary Number on the Scale, we do not need to depend on the number on the scale to make us happy. You should not measure your value by your weight!

If you are struggling with your “WHY” please consider what you really want and what are the HEALTHY ways to get there.
I love it
when you guys tell me about yourselves and your goals.
I love it even more
when you guys post about what you’re going to do! Walking, jogging, taking it slow, talking to your parents, cutting out juices and sodas…these are all great and realistic steps that will bring you closer to healthy habits!

Remember, this month is just like any other month. Make some goals, set a plan, and try to work towards them. If you fail, that’s ok: reevaluate your goals, readjust what needs to be changed, and start over.

Become healthy for you! The NEW YOU can be reinvented ANYTIME.

Thanks for reading along,