Here is My Goal Weight

Hi Everyone,

Thanks everyone for coming to the site and sharing your stories and struggles. I think that it’s really brave you are looking for a way to change and you are looking out for your future and health. A common thing I see in posts is hey here’s my name, here’s how old and tall I am, here’s how much I weigh, and I want to weigh this instead. My first reaction, “Great! We have a goal to work towards”. My second reaction, “well…what do you do right now and what are you willing to do to get there?”

Here is what I am asking from you guys:

Set a goal OUTSIDE of your weight.

What do you SPECIFICALLY want to change in your life?
-I want to eat more veggies each meal
-I want to be able to run a mile without getting tired
-I want to be able to make the basketball team
-I want to eat less junk food at home
-I want to be able to squat

Having an goal based on your abilities and actions is a lot more easy to accomplish than just a weight goal. Like I said before, your weight is a combination of a lot of different things like your skeleton, muscles, water, and fat. There are a lot of things that are hard for us to control, and therefore losing weight on the scale isn’t always so easy. Instead, making a different “ABILITY-BASED GOAL” is like saying: hey here’s something I don’t do (or I kind of do), but I want to do more!” That’s pretty easy to accomplish once we get enough motivation to just do it! And it’s also an easier way of keeping track whether or not you’re getting close to reaching your goal.

For example, let’s say my goal is to eat more veggies in each meal. This is an ability-based goal because I can track it by how many vegetables I eat per day or per week. Let’s say I eat 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, so that equals 21 meals a week. I can track if I am reaching by goal by logging:

Week 1 I ate veggies with 2 meals. Not that great, BUT at least know I realize how little veggies I eat.
Week 2 I ate veggies with 4 meals. Hey that’s double what I did last week. Still looks like a small number but it really is double last week!
Week 3 I ate veggies with 10 meals. I ate veggies at least once a day with a meal so that is a pretty awesome job!
Week 4 I ate veggies with 5 meals. Ok so maybe I did a little bit worse this week. I was really stressed. Bright side, I am still eating more veggies than I did 3 weeks ago!
Week 5 I ate vegges with 10 meals again. So I am working hard and maintaining the success I achieved before! Not bad considering how I fell off the wagon last week.

Something as simple as this is a great way to set goals that you can keep track of! Yes, you can keep track of your weight by stepping on the scale every day, BUT you aren’t really in control all the time. Instead, by tracking how much of something you’re doing you can better control what you are or aren’t doing.

Try it out!

Let me know what your ability-based goal is, and how you plan on reaching it!